Sunday, December 13, 2009

BZ life

u know why so long didnt update?
i cant even take a breath for my study and workss~
last week was a tough week to me..
gotta rush an assignment in 2 days..
ppl use 2 weeks for tat i gt to convert the time to 2days..
omg..i jus slp 2.5hr in 48hours..super duper tiring after submit the assignment..

and now..stil gt one more assignment to submit and a test..
but i haven start study for it oso..
heart reli tired for tat..aiks..
gt to re-arrange myself for my college life again..
nt in CHONG HWA anymore le ar~
cant even dun pass at all~ @@


night said...


小妍 said...

jia you jia you o...
wish you luck in everything...

JuN said...

gah yao !! ^^