Sunday, August 22, 2010

updates~ =)

recently is quite busy to me~
active on FB is more often than on blogspot~
plus my final is approaching~
so do wish me luck ya~ =)

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

NEW UPDATE~!! =) long didnt upload and post on it..
bcoz reli many thgs waiting for me to complete~
e.g: assignments,exams,duties~~
all these thgs took major of my time~
my blog nt like any article..
everyday refresh..jus wil post when i'm in mood~
coz i dun ope my blog turns to a zapbalang blog~
dis is the place for me to post and share my feelings~ =)
well~since my pc get infected i so seldom login blogspot coz once i turn on my pc i got to finish my works asap..
nowaday gt a little bit leisure time den i'll try to post abit about me~ =)

Sunday, December 13, 2009

BZ life

u know why so long didnt update?
i cant even take a breath for my study and workss~
last week was a tough week to me..
gotta rush an assignment in 2 days..
ppl use 2 weeks for tat i gt to convert the time to 2days..
omg..i jus slp 2.5hr in 48hours..super duper tiring after submit the assignment..

and now..stil gt one more assignment to submit and a test..
but i haven start study for it oso..
heart reli tired for tat..aiks..
gt to re-arrange myself for my college life again..
nt in CHONG HWA anymore le ar~
cant even dun pass at all~ @@

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Updated~ ^^"

recently really quite busy to me..
you know why?
too many things happened..
after my final exam then i went to CAMERON HIGHLAND to have my referee duty~
the weather was so cool at there & i like it so much~
unfortunately..i fall asick at the last cham~ ><

after back KL for few days then i went to PENANG with my friends..
we back our friend's hometown and visit..
PENANG really like a food paradise..full of different foods..
and the most important thing..i need to learn HOKKIEN when i go there..=/

and 2nd sem started..just get my 1st sem's result a week before..
luckily i passed all my subjects..still got 3A for me..satisfied result~ xD
and whats on?my group all influenced by me..all like playing pool now..
our gang activity is BILARDO (name of the pool centre)..
we almost went there 3times a week..haha..nice indoor activity~ ^^

this sem quite tough to few subjects need memorize..gosh~god bless me..
wish i can score well in dis sem~
will update more when i got feel~ ^^"

Monday, September 7, 2009


having exams now..
bt dun feel like goin 2 study..
wats wrong wid me?
thursday having the most difficult subject -> Building Construction
nt feel so confident wid it..
bcoz it is hard 2 me..
n i nt know the subject so well..
dis few days mus study hard..
if not..
i thk i goin 2 resit again next yr..
god bless me..
at least let me pass it.. >"<

Thursday, July 23, 2009


it passed 2 month ad..
n u..
gt a conclusion in ur heart?
is it u've been gt an answer in ur heart?
i'm confused..scared..
bt i know..i gt 2 face it in the end..
i hope i can get the answer from u..
no matter wat it is..
bt surely thgs is..
i hope..
tat v can...........
been 2gthr....

Sunday, July 5, 2009

KL 的大马裁判考生加油~~ ^^

4/7 和 5/7 是大马裁判考试的日期..
嘉莹,伟林及CHEE WENG..

真的不是开玩笑,很痛啊~~ =.="

5/7 考体能..你们全都要过哦~~