Thursday, October 22, 2009

Updated~ ^^"

recently really quite busy to me..
you know why?
too many things happened..
after my final exam then i went to CAMERON HIGHLAND to have my referee duty~
the weather was so cool at there & i like it so much~
unfortunately..i fall asick at the last cham~ ><

after back KL for few days then i went to PENANG with my friends..
we back our friend's hometown and visit..
PENANG really like a food paradise..full of different foods..
and the most important thing..i need to learn HOKKIEN when i go there..=/

and 2nd sem started..just get my 1st sem's result a week before..
luckily i passed all my subjects..still got 3A for me..satisfied result~ xD
and whats on?my group all influenced by me..all like playing pool now..
our gang activity is BILARDO (name of the pool centre)..
we almost went there 3times a week..haha..nice indoor activity~ ^^

this sem quite tough to few subjects need memorize..gosh~god bless me..
wish i can score well in dis sem~
will update more when i got feel~ ^^"